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Majikano?! 1

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"KANOJO GA MAJOUtte MAJI DESU KA? (She's a witch? Seriously?)"

Summary: Haruo, a middle school student, lives a peaceful life with his three sisters - who unbeknownst to him are witches from the magical world. One day, he meets a girl, Mamiya, who disappears in in a whirlwind - only to return as the newest transfer student! Right away she has her sights set on Haruo - for he is the only one who can take away her curse. She moves in as a maid into his household, and hilarity ensues.

Review: At the outset it seems like another harem show, but my god, the weird hilarity of it all kept me laughing for awhile. Mamiya looks like an interesting character with all of her plotting, and her need for Haruo to get rid of her curse. Anyway, I'll keep watching for awhile and see if it keeps my interest.

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