the usagi incidents


Variante 2

Summary: Aiko comes to grips with reality as she takes her place in the ATHEOS organization, ready to fight similar people with Chimaira cells that have taken over their bodies. Also, more of Sudou's past is revealed as he recieves an anonymous tip with a photo of a young girl nearly completely disfigured by Chimaira cells, passwords, and directions to a secret ATHEOS research lab buried within a local mountain. He thought he killed the only woman he ever loved 14 years ago when she exploded into Chimaira status - only to find her locked up in the research lab as a test subject...

Review: Damn, I really can't put this series down. Makes BLOOD look stupid. And is Aiko falling for Sudou or is the other way around? I'm kinda confused there. But it's also pretty cool that he had a Chimaira experience when he was a kid, and that also explains his reasons for joining (or rather, being forced to join) ATHEOS. I hope they explain more backstory for the other characters too. But who gave him that info, though?


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